How to Target Facebook Ads Based on Purchase History, Lifestyles and More

 Facebook is now allowing you to target ads based on people’s purchase history, job roles and other external insights. The power of these features is undeniable when it comes to online marketing.

Below is a snippet of Jon Loomers‘s article. It gives you an idea of the kind of data that Facebook and it’s partners have been able to compile.

“…here are 10 examples that provide a glimpse into the power of Partner Categories:

  • Household size of 6 (8,842,800 users)
  • Upscale department store credit card user (34,618,400 users)
  • Home office supply purchases (2,638,300 users)
  • Aftermarket vehicle purchase over 48 months ago (11,952,800 users)
  • Baby food & products buyers (10,497,100 users)
  • Casino vacations (4,242,000 users)
  • Dog owner (12,643,500 users)
  • Fitness buyers—runners (5,950,600 users)
  • Teacher/educator (223,000 users)
  • Donate to veteran causes (7,016,400)

As you can see, these partners are providing Facebook with a ton of data. Individual categories can include up to several million users.

And Facebook will continue adding to this list.”

It is still to early to tell how effective this form of marketing will be. I believe as long as the partners provide quality data, online marketing will get that much better!

For the full article please click here.


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